Friday, December 29, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust...

So, it's not just my family that are all getting's my friends too! My roommate Rebecca got engaged this last weekend to her boyfriend Clark. He suprised her by going to California for Christmas instead of going home to Arizona. She was shocked but so happy. It will be sad to not have her as my roommate anymore, but I am so excited for her and Clark.

Clark proposed in a park filled with Christmas lights in San Jose before they went to see the Nutcracker with Becca's family

Becca is normally a very jovial (that's for you AJ) person, but this smile is just a little bigger than usual! I wonder if it has anything to do with the ring on her finger?!? :)


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dropping like flies...

I am one of the oldest grandchildren on the Castillo side of my family and it is great, except for one little detail...everyone keeps getting married, except me! I do have one cousin who is older than me that isn't married yet, so as long as he stays single I am safe, but it seems like everyone else is dropping like flies. So Mony, if you're reading this, it is your job to stay single for as long as possible so I'm not the only single "older" cousin. Thanks much!

My family at Tom and Debbie's reception

Easton and Aunt Jen...aren't that vest and tie so adorable!!

This is my cousin Amy. The funny thing is that the coat she is wearing is the one I wore when I was her age. Her mom made it for me for Christmas when I was little and now Amy is wearing it. Who knew that 21 years later it would still be wearable?!?

Watt Family Christmas Party

We had the Watt Family Christmas Party early in December this year because my Uncle Marvin and Aunt Ruth took their family to Austrailia for Christmas to visit her family. It is always pretty crazy when the Watt family gets together, but what do you expect when you get 10 kids under the age of 10 in one room.

I had my cousin Brax's name for our gift exchange and he loved the nerf gun I gave him. I don't know how much his parents liked it, but it put a smile on his face, that's all that matters, right!?!

My family...Mom, Dad, Kyle, me, Haley, Easton and Landon

Easton got a train set from his cousin Courtney and he loved it! He makes the cutes "choo choo" sounds and wanted to take it out of the box right away. It was adorable!

Temple Square with friends

A few weeks ago a bunch of friends from my ward got away from Provo for a night and went to Salt Lake to see all the lights at Temple Square. It is so gorgeous this time of year! And it was so nice to not have to think about finals and school for a little bit. We had a blast walking around (with the millions of other people that decided to go the same day...) and having hot chocolate.
This is a picture of most of the people who went in front of the Salt Lake temple. Whitney, Jen and Summer...yes, I know, we're wierd! Love ya girls!!
My friend Tyler and I...the weather was perfect that night, gratefully, since the next day we got pounded with tons of snow. Gotta love Utah weather! ;)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Birthday Party

I had such a great 25th birthday! I spent my actual birthday on friday with friends and then went to my parent's house on Sunday to celebrate with the fam. It was a great weekend! Now I'm just trying to get over the fact that I am now officially old! :) My old roommate took me to lunch and then I went to dinner with my roommates and a couple close friends and then had cake and ice cream with a bunch of friends at my house. It really was a great day!My friend Brian decorated my front door and my car with signs that said "quarter of a century" and taped quarters everywhere. Clever...but annoying to rip all the quarters off!

Becca's boyfriend Clark made my favorite cake...rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip frosting! Yum! (thanks Clark!!) They even put 25 candles on top. Luckily, the smoke alarm didn't go off!

I wish we would have gotten more pictures of everyone who came over because there were a bunch, but here are a few...Brian, Sean and Neelam

Me, my friend Brian Johnson and my old roommate Amy

Neelam and me

Joy and Amanda

Joy and Amanda gave me a pedicure kit. Amanda and I used to do pedicures together and I love them! Thanks girls!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Los Hermanos

AJ must love me lots because she chose to go to my favorite restaurant, Los Hermanos, for her birthday dinner with a bunch of friends. It was so yummy! And crazy and fun with about 20 people there. She's just little Miss Popular. Here are some pictures of the festivities... The birthday girl and her sombrero. And most importantly, her birthday fried ice cream!

Jason, Jen and Becca - Cheese!

What a lovely picture of Jake!

Jenni, Neelam, Neil and Kelley - Neil is definitely excited to be celebrating AJ's birthday!

Spencer and Nancy

I love that the fried ice cream is what is in focus in this picture. Tyler and Katie are definitely eyeing it. And I think Spencer is trying to ignore it on purpose. Who can ignore fried ice cream!

The good, normal, not crazy friends...Sean, Jen and Becca

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today is my amazing roommate AJ's 22nd birthday! She is an incredible girl and I just want to tell her how grateful I am for her and that I hope she has a wonderful day!

Top 5 reasons why AJ is so amazing...

#5 - She's Canadian. So cool! She loves hockey and is always wearing scarves and mittens. And even better, she is from the most gorgeous part of Canada...Vancouver. She is my favorite Canuck!

#4 - She is gorgeous! Can't you tell by the picture. She is absolutely beautiful and so trendy. She can make anything look cute.

#3 - She is so funny. Especially when we are all tired we could laugh for hours.

#2 - She has an amazing testimony and is a spiritual giant for being such a little girl. I love our talks about the gospel and the insights she has about gospel principles. She is an incredible example to me of following the Savior.

#1 - She is one of the most thoughtful people I know. She is always doing things for her boyfriend or for me or our roommates or our visiting teachees. She has such a big heart and wants people to know how much they are loved.

Thanks AJ for all you do for me. I hope I can in some small way let you know how wonderful you are! Have a wonderful birthday!

Friday, December 01, 2006

In Honor of the Cougars...

Just in cast anyone hasn't heard yet, the Cougars pulled out an incredible victory over the Utes last Saturday. Honestly, one of the greatest games I have ever seen. At least the last play of the game was absolutely amazing. ESPN SportCenter even had it as their play of the day. It was incredible. This is a picture of Johnny Harline in the endzone catching what has now been named "the answered prayer", aka the game winning touchdown! So, in honor of the awesome year the Cougars have had, I am going to post some of my favorite pictures from this season. I didn't go to any away games, but I went to every home game and enjoyed our perfect record at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Before the first home game we had a BBQ with my fam. The weather was beautiful at the start of the game, but.... it sure didn't end nice! We got poured on!!

Tim trying to be a Cougar. Nice face Tim!

Tim also made tshirts for us to all wear to the games. It is a picture of Brigham Young holding his staff up and it says "Smite 'em brethren". So awesome! Everyone loved them.

The crew at one of the games

Don't ask!!

Jen and Sean enjoying a great football game

At one of the games my friend from high school Dave Krueger was sitting just a couple rows in front of me. My mom and I had to get a picture with him to send to my sister who was really good friends with Dave.

My cousin Jace would come and sit with me and my friends almost every game. He loved to come down and tell all the guys about how his own peewee football games were going. Such a funny kid. Thanks to Sean, Tim and Ward for letting him hang all over them at the games.

And then, last but not least, one of my favorites!!! Kim, me and Becca. Need I say more...


I can't believe that it is already DECEMBER!!! This year has gone so fast, I have no idea where it went. I love DECEMBER!!!! It is definitely my favorite month of the year. Probably because of my birthday and Christmas, but there are lot of other great things that happen in DECEMBER also. It is going to be a busy month. Between work and school and family functions it's crazy. It is going to be a great month and I am so excited to celebrate the holidays and spend time with family and friends. Hopefully I will be able to see any of you that are in town for Christmas. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

And I just want to say congratulations to Jared and Samantha Whitehead on the birth of their baby boy, Joshua Dan Whitehead on November 28th. Glad to hear that mom and baby are doing well!