Friday, January 25, 2008

Home Improvment

So we got this email from my sister-in-law the other day and I just wanted to share it with you all. I am so excited about it!!

I know we’ve only been in our home for 6 months, but we couldn’t wait to shake things up around our house. I love home improvement projects. One of my favorite channels to watch (when I’m at someone’s house that has cable) is HGTV. It’s nothing but remodeling and redecorating.
This change is kind of crazy, but we think it will work. It's going to add something totally different to the plan of our home. The estimated completion date is around the end of July. I guess that’s how we’ll celebrate our one year mark in our home. So we have a preview picture to show everyone, to see what you think, although, we are going to go ahead with it regardless cuz we’re so excited, so click away.....


Pretty exciting, hu?!?! I am so excited for them to have another little one, although I'm not sure how any child could be cuter than Easton. She is due July 27th, which is the same day as my friend Becca and a week after my aunt Liz. It's going to be a baby tsunami the end of July! I love being an aunt though and can't wait to have 3 more little rascals to spoil.

According to Easton, he is having a baby sister. I bet my mom is relieved. According to her, the reason my sister and I are not married is because of the way we do things in our family. Meaning, everything goes girl, boy, girl, boy... You get the idea. Well, since Easton was the last addition to our family, we can't add another boy (ie: a husband for me or my sister) until we have another girl. Nice theory mom. (I love you mom, I'm not making fun of you!) So, I guess I won't know if I can get married until we find out the gender of the next grandchild.

I'm with Easton and hoping for a girl!! ;)