Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy 27th!!!!!...

...anniversary. My parent's anniversary to be exact. Today they have been married for 27 years! My parents were married December 20, 1980 in the Salt Lake Temple and have been happily married since. They are such amazing examples to me of what a marriage should be! I love that they are best friends and that they still love to be together. They are empty nesters now, but they love travelling all over the world (they've been to the Philippines, Hong Kong, the Carribbean all this year and are going to Hawaii in a few weeks) and spoiling the grandchild!

Thank you mom and dad for all you do for me and for our whole family! We love you!! Happy 27th anniversary! Here's to 27 more!!!

And I just have to share this picture of my cute dad and nephew! What studs!!! ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I work for a great Judge. He is awesome. He is also a small-town boy who is normally pretty quiet and reserved, but every once in a while will say something that shocks us all. You also have to know that he was a JAG for the Marines and just retired from the Marines this summer. He still has to go to Germany on assignments that he can't tell me about, so I know he has probably killed somone with his bare hands.

Yesterday we had our office Christmas party and the Judge was sitting at my table along with a couple friends and another Judge. It was actually quite hysterical. We were playing Court Bingo and some of the words on the cards were names of attorneys. And unless you work at the court, you probably won't understand why this was so funny, so sorry! But they called out O - Sheldon. (Sheldon Carter is an attorney here in Utah County) The Judge casually announces, oh look, he's right next to continuance. Ha!! (seriously, I'm sorry, it's such a court joke!) The whole room started laughing and I think most people were thinking, was that the Judge that just said that? (most people have never heard my Judge even speak...)

Now here is the part that everyone can appreciate. Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the front desk saying that there was a couple there that wanted to get married immediately and they were wondering if the Judge was available. I asked if he would be willing to perform a marriage and he agreed. I went downstairs and brought the couple up to our courtroom while the Judge filled out the necessary paperwork. He came into the courtroom and performed the simple ceremony for this couple. The couple was older (and was dressed in jeans and t-shirts, just in case you were wondering) and they had the same last name. As they were signing their marriage certificate the Judge casually says, "I noticed that you have the same last name. Is this a re-marriage?" To which the couple responds, "yes, we finally grew up." And then the kicker, the Judge says, "well, let's hope it sticks this time."

Who says that?!? Sure, we may have all been thinking it, but to actually say it! I had to control the laughter that was trying to escape my mouth! And he said it so non-chalantly, which made it even funnier. I think the couple was a little shocked. At least he did follow it up with a "congratulations."

I love my job!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Aunt Jen

On Tuesday night I got to babysit Easton. I hardly ever get to just hang out me and him, and we had a blast! Landon and Haley were going to the temple and to dinner with her family and my mom was busy with Christmas stuff, so I was the lucky babysitter! Easton is so much fun right now and he is such a cute little boy. I can't believe how big he is getting! He talks constantly and loves to sing. He knows so many songs and right now loves to sing Christmas songs. We sang Frosty the Snowman about 20 times and Rudolph at least 10. So much fun! I'm also going to brag a little that Easton knows the first and second Articles of Faith and he can recite the Pledge of Allegience. He's pretty brilliant, if I do say so myself. I just love being an aunt and especially Easton's aunt!!! I'm pretty sure I'm his favorite! ;) I didn't take any pictures from when I was babysitting on tuesday, but here are some recent pictures of the adorable Easton! Enjoy!!

Easton with Grandpa's work goggles...

Grandma, Easton and Aunt Jen...
just being adorable...
Easton rolling out cookie dough. Look at his little hands! I love this kid!!!
Easton riding his bike at Grandma's. He wanted a helmet, but Grandma didn't have one, so he went and got a bowl...
Easton as an elephant for Halloween...

Easton and daddy's deer antlers...

You can't deny that this is the cutest kid in the world!!! :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lights and Music

The day after Thanksgiving, Michelle and I went to Salt Lake to hang out with our friend Heidi and her little girl KayLynn and to see the lights on Temple Square. Heidi was our roommate in Guatemala and we haven't all hung out together in about 2 years. We had a blast together...catching up, laughing and trying to stay warm! We had dinner at Crown Burger since Shell hadn't been there since she's been home from her mission and then saw the lights come on at Temple Square. It was beautiful!

We even walked up and down the rows of luminaries looking for one in Cebuano. We finally found it! We also found one in Caquikel which is the Mayan dialect they speak in the part of Guatemala where we lived.
Later in the evening, Michelle and I went to the Gateway to see John Schmit perform. He is an amazing pianist and I love seeing him play. It was a lot of fun to hang out with Shell and kick of the Christmas season!!