Saturday, April 03, 2010

Guate! Guate! Guate!

In between conference sessions today there was a special on humanitarian work in Guatemala. I watched it and got a little teary eyed because I miss those people and that incredibly beautiful country. They showed some people in a mountain village and I couldn't help but think of the amazing people that I love in my Guatemalan mountain village - Patzicia. It has been 7 years since Michelle and I left for Guatemala and it amazes me how much I still miss it. I really need to find a way to get back there soon!

This picture is of 5 sisters who lived down the street from us. They were in our ward and their dad was the handy-man at the school. Their family also owned the tienda (store) in our neighborhood where we would go every day to get eggs, bread and mentas! A couple of years ago, their mom Rosa passed away, leaving Pedro to raise his 5 daughters. I think of this family a lot and how good they were to us. Hopefully soon I will be able to return to Patzi and see how these amazing girls have grown!
I would also love to see what has happened to these kids. They also lived in our neighborhood and would come over to our house all the time wanting to color and play games and get stickers. Their mom was our laundry lady and tried so hard to provide for her family. A funny time the littlest boy (in the very back) was sitting on Michelle's lap and he totally peed on her. Their mom used to always ask us how much it would cost for her to bring her family to the United States. It made me so sad. But they were such sweet kids and I hope that they have been able to get an education and help make a better life for themselves.


Brad & Mary said...

Jen I'm so glad you have this goal to post each day! Hope you got all your to do list done. These kids are so cute, I'm with you sometimes I want to live a humanitarian service mission life- is that possible. Did you see the special about Cambodia, that really breaks your heart. Let's get together in May sometime. Hopefully things will be more wrapped up with school by then:)

Heidi and Josch said...

dang. i didnt see the in-between sessions thing. was it on saturday? i totally forgot about when meche got peed on! lol. hope you are doing well!